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Gel Polish

Experience the revolutionary new gel polish now taking the nail industry by storm. During this 1/2 day training course you will learn how to apply gel polish to natural nails. This UV/LED curable Gel Polish lasts weeks on the fingernails and toenails plus dries in seconds resulting in smudge free high gloss nails. Course Contents: […]

Gel Polish Nail Art

During this half day class students will learn a variety of nail art techniques to use with Gelosophy Gel Polish. The techniques covered on the class include matte e ect nails, colour blending, marbling & how to work with additives for Gel Polish. A fun enjoyable class to keep you up to date on new […]

Manicure & Pedicure

An intensive one day course that will certify you as a manicurist/pedicurist. This course will teach you to do natural nail treatments from a basic to a deluxe procedure. This one day class can create extensive job opportunities. Course Contents: Client Consultation Anatomy & Physiology of the Natural Nail Nail Diseases & Disorders Salon Hygiene […]

Nail Technician Acrylic / Gel

Start a new career after completing our 4 day course. Numerous job opportunities from working on your own as a mobile business to salon or spa work. Why not rent a table in your local pharmacy? For those more adventurous … what about Cruise ships? opportunities are endless! No experience within the industry needed. 100% […]